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In-Lab Sleep Study

An all-night sleep study is exceptionally valuable for diagnosing and treating many sleep disorders, including breathing disorders, movement disorders and neurological disorders that happen while you’re asleep. Sleep studies are easy to tolerate, comfortable and give the sleep physician the information he/she needs to accurately diagnose and treat your sleep disorder.

Getting Ready for Bed

We will apply electrodes to your scalp, the sides of your head, under your chin and on your chest. This lets us measure brain waves, heart rate and eye movements while you’re sleeping. We’ll also place a sensor by your nose and mouth to measure airflow. Belts are placed around your rib cage and abdomen to measure breathing movements. A clip is placed on your finger to measure your blood oxygen levels.

No Needles, No Pain

The electrodes are connected to a box by the bedside for relaying the signals to the central control room. In addition, all patients are videotaped while sleeping. In the central control room, the technician monitors your sleep and general condition. You can easily call the technician if there is any problem.

Special Needs for Sleep Apnea

For some patients with sleep apnea, the effects of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) are evaluated. Usually these patients have had a previous sleep study to diagnose the condition. During the CPAP study, everything is done the same as a normal sleep study. In addition, a mask is fit around the nose or nose and mouth. During sleep, the technician attempts to find a pressure level that holds the airway open and lets the patient get a good night’s sleep.

Time to Get Up

Your sleep study should be completed and you should be able to go home by 6 or 7 a.m. However, if you need to wake up earlier, just let the technician know.

Once your sleep study is completed, it’s scored and sent to a sleep physician for interpretation. The interpretation is sent to the physician who ordered the sleep study and appropriate follow-up is arranged.

If you have any questions about your sleep study, please call the Sleep Center at 262-522-3070.

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Prohealth Care Sleep Center - Delafield location

Sleep Center

ProHealth Care’s state-of-the-art sleep center is located near Highways 94 and 83 in Delafield. The address is Sun Valley Drive, Delafield, WI 53018. It is located on the 3rd floor, Suite 300.

Sleep Study Sleep Number beds - Delafield location

Sleep Number

When participating in an in-lab sleep study at our Delafield clinic, you will enjoy the comfort of a Sleep Number bed.

Sleep Center Kitchen

Continental Breakfast

After your in-lab sleep study, you will be treated to a continental breakfast.

Dr Jochism

Dr. Sean Jochims, Neurologist

Dr. Sean Jochims graduated medical school with the prestigious Rick Wartgow Award for dedication to medicine. He also received Excellence in Teaching Awards as chief resident in neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

  • Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Internship/Internal Medicine: Northwestern University
  • Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship: Rush Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago
  • Participant at Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine
Board Certifications
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